Social Media Marketing

About this Package

Social Media is the newest platform to communicate, educate, and interact with consumers. It can take hours to master and execute effectively! Don't stress, we've got you covered.

Cultivating your online presence can take lots of work and specific expertise in order to execute effectively. From content creation, social media engagement, analytics, algorithms and more. Let us be your partner that understands the correct timing and frequency it takes to increase your positive social media presence. We will take the time to listen and learn all about what sets you apart, understand the strengths and vibe of your team, and be the social energy to take you to the next level! We have years of experience working with companies not only to further engage and promote their brand, but also provide whole brand and platform launches. Lets go get those followers, views, likes and get YOU known, grown and thriving!

Services Included

Social Media Platform Management

Copy Writing + Copy Editing

Digital Media Design

Marketing Strategy Development

Industry Research + Analysis

Product Photography

Social Media Ad Campaign Deployment

Highlighted Projects